Nokia 114 Supporting Urdu Language|Nokia Review|Specifications

First Ever Urdu Language supporting  Mobile

nokia 114

Nokia one of the world largest telecom company has produce many smartphones and also many other user friendly handsets . These phones are said to have larger lifetime as the body is hard and the lifetime of battery is too long. This time this company has produced the very first mobile phone with Urdu language in it.

Nokia 114 dual – SIM budget phone with Urdu language capability has been launched by Telecom Minister Kapil Sibal   . Kapil Sibal who is rarely seen on events of launching of phone launched Nokia 114 on Thursday at Rs. 2,579.

Microsoft has acquired Nokia business early this month so to regain their business  in market they are struggling very hard . With the launch of this phone Nokia is being targeting 15 crores people speaking in Urdu in India . With this they are not only focusing people of India but also providing some political benefits.   The Nokia company claims that this is the first mobile phone having Urdu language option in the country.

The company also said that this phone also has the capability of cloud-accelerated X press browser consuming less data up to 90%  and compressing the websites.

Benifits of Nokia 114:

  • Nokia 114 has the long lasting battery life , providing ten hours of lifetime and a month’s standby giving users to stay in touch.
  • Nokia 114 supports Urdu  language.
  • Nokia 114 give the features of cloud accelerated X press browser.
  • Nokia 114 is a Dual SIM phone , providing the benefits of Nokia unique leading Easy Swap Technology facilities in handsets , where you can change your SIM without taking out the battery. But it can only handle it up to five SIM cards.
  • Nokia 114 will support nine(9) language including Hindi , Urdu and English.

Also not only in English Nokia has been the leading producer of Nokia handsets with different Asian Language . Nokia is also first company to introduce Eleven (11) Indian Languages since 2008.

  • Hindi
  • Malayalam
  • Tamil
  • Telugu
  • Kannada
  • Gujarati
  • Bengali
  • Oriya
  • Assamese
  • Punjabi
  • Marathi

Managing Director of Nokia India P.Balaji said , “We were the first mobile company to support content and user interface  in eleven (11) Indian languages . Now on introducing  Urdu language in Nokia 114 is an initiative to attract our consumer all over the country.

So peoples have lots of expectations from Nokia company that it will bring more advanced technology in future.

 Specifications of Nokia 114:

Colour Magenta , Black & Cyan
Display 1.8 inch TFT with 114 ppi 
Camera VGAl Rear
Internal Memory 16 GB
External Memory 32 GB
Battery  1020 mAh
        Full Keypad and FM radio with RDS       

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