LM35 Temperature Sensor Integrated Circuit | Less self heat | Tutorial |Datasheet | Pin configration | Pdf download free

LM35 Temperature Sensor IC’s


LM35  is a temperature sensor integrated circuit  ( I C ) whose output is directly proportional to the rise in temperature (C ) . This I C is not subjected to any oxidation because of sealed circuit of LM35 I C . This LM35 I C is much more efficient than thermistor so we use this LM35 Integrated Circuit as it can measure the temperature accurately . This Integrated Circuit can attain the heat of upto 0.1 oC maximum that is it is low self heated .

Its operating temperature ranges from -55 oC to 150 oC  . Its scale factor is 0.01 V/oC that is the output voltage varies by 10 mV with every one oC rise or fall in temperature .

It consists of three pins GND ( Ground ) , Vcc , OUT .

Free PDF Download :

heat temperature

Pin Description :

Pin No
Supply voltage; 5V (+35V to -2V)
Output voltage (+6V to -1V)
Ground (0V)

LM35 Sensor Circuit



Features :

  • Suitable for remote applications
  • Can operate from 4 to 30 volts
  • Less than 60 Ampere current drain
  • Less self heated 0 .01 -0.08 centigrade temperature in still air
  • Calculated directly in Celsius
  • Rate full at 150 Centigrade

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