How to Make Money Online | Making Money with Social Networks

Make Money Online


Today everyone wants to make money and solve daily needs problems.Also thee are many opportunities many ways by which one can make money.Some way are free and in some we need to invest money. Many online opportunities are there by which one can make lots of money freely like via websites,blogs,face book & other social network ,inviting to some link and many others.But all needs a important thing and that is SEO Search Engine Optimization .

So here we will discus about making money with social networking.Social network such as Face book,Twitter,LinkedIn and other are very familiar to all and most off the people use this.These can be used to run and sell advertisement campaign.

First off all you need to know that social network are marketing tool and not the vault to earn money which are open to you.Before starting any compaign or marketing one needs to know about the ideas about the product you want to offer.Is it helpful for user?

You could offer a service , tool or can show your skill of graphics , software.

But the important thing is that you need to have followers,friends ,group etc by which you can advertise to most of peoples.



Facebook is the major part of socail networking hence a better way of advertising products.Also any utilize it to increase friend, add random friend . But facebook is not meant for this because if you add friend randomly than people may flag you as aspammer and you can be blocked for 48 hours.Instead of this one can add friends he know and than add the people that rind know so this wiil make friends in common.So when you advertise something than these friend will get aware of it and if found good they will share it to many other friends and they to  their friends and like this the chain continues.Hence this way it will become more powerfull.


An another way of sharing views,articles much famous as Facebook among the peoples.But it doesnot work the same way.It does not have a two-way communication i.e anyone can follow any person them following back.So you can share your article to the user having most of the followers.So it became a good thing in a way that you dont have to have maximum users or followers.


A latest technique for social networking and also the smallest.It is much similar to Twitter but is somewhat diffrent in way that you can create circles ,group and share those circles.

If the content is not useful than it would look like spam and you will not get much of them , if you post them carefully than you can make much of them


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