Happy Diwali for SENSEX | Sensex up

Happy Diwali for Sensex


First I wish you a very Happy and Prosperous Diwali 2013 the Indian festival of lights Indian share market increasing as well on Friday too.Seems to be Happy Diwali for Sensex. Due to this BSE Sensex say good by to samvat 2069 with a latest jump. Sensex turns off at 21196.81 points with the increase of 32.29 points on Friday evening,which is weekends maximum score. Sensex got success in reaching new intra-day highest level of 21293.88 points.Earlier on 10 January,2008, Sensex touched its highest level of 21,206.77 points.

Diwali Indian festival of light Wish Here

Overall share market said HAPPY DIWALI to all share investors and businessmen by such drastic increment. Continuous support of FII(Foreign Institutional Investor)  is also proved responsible for this record peak.Foreign Institutional Investor purely protect shares of price 18.75 Arab rupees on Thursday. Specially,reality,metal,automobile and bank were attracting sites for share investors.FBI(Federal Bureau of Investigation),Jindal Steels,Mahindra and Mahindra,TaTa Motors,SESA sturlight, ICICI bank were the major financial supporters for this recent jump in Sensex.

Finance Minister of India P. Chidambaram also declared that financial crises period of country is now become a past.This time good agriculture will take place and on the other hand,less import and more export of gold from foreign countries will reduce the loss to 60 Arab dollars.

Sensex can touch 22,500 level soon

A pole is held within the brokers of market,according to which Sensex can touch the level of 22,000 points in the end of this year 2013.25 percent brokers believe that till 31 December,2013 Sensex can be seen on the level between 22,000-22,500 points.Whereas according to 42 percent brokers Sensex will cross up to 21,800 points till the end of this year,and 25 percent said Sensex will touch 21,500 level till December 2013. On the other hand,8 percent brokers believe to be Sensex will crash to 20,000 points in December 2013.Same side,progress of Nifty will soon cover the level of 6,500 points according to 34 percent brokers up to December end.Whereas, 34 percent brokers believe that the level will be 6400 points for the same.On the other hand,8 percent suggest that till December 2013,nifty will down to 6000 points.

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