Google LG Nexus 5 Reviews,Specifications

Google LG Nexus 5 Reviews

nexus 5

Google LG Nexus 5 Reviews,Specifications Nexus 5 is the LG’s latest smartphone in the market. This newer version of the Nexus series is equipped with the latest Android platform that is Android 4.4 KitKat. Nexus 5 device is first device which is equipped with this new Android platform.Before the release of this LG and Google device, there were many fake details given in the internet by many websites. But finally Google shut all the mouths and brought the device to the customers. Nexus 5 is unique in its own way. As Nexus 5 is based on the Android platform, so it provides a wide range of features. And we would not be wrong if we will say that it is a versatile device. Among the latest Android platform this Google device also contains many new and commendable features.


Google Nexus 5 is a beautiful handset available in two colors that is black and white. Screen is also very large which adds video watching ease to the device.

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 The touch is very soft and smooth like butter and is considered to be the smoothest touch screen Android device, also it is faster than previous devices. As it is based on Android 4.4, so Google search is automatically integrated in every page of the home screen launcher. Nexus 5 has full HD IPS display which leads to the overwhelming experience of the videos. It is best ever in any Nexus 5 device. Google Now is also presented in a new way in the device as Nexus 5 works on Android 4.4. The most promising feature of this LG device is its battery back up in spite of being an economical phone in the Android market. Nexus 5 also contains a rear camera of 8 MP which uses Optical Image Stabilization technology for the first time. This technology improves the pictures and video quality and provides an awesome experience of photography.


Google’s new smartphone contains many commendable features in it. But it also have many limitations or negativity that can resist users from buying it. First impression that the device creates in mind is its low price which adds a mentality that it is a cheap device. Secondly the device is available in only two colors. The presence of Android 4.4 is a savior but as Android 4.4 is not much different than previous Android platforms so it may cause trouble to the Google. The users expecting many new things in the device will be disappointed. The large size of Nexus 5  phone sometimes resist users to buy it which prefers calling to be easy.


LG Nexus 5 is a versatile smartphone as it works on Android platform and also it is being launched on latest Android 4.4 . This Android is being launched for the first time in any smartphone. That is why this Google LG Nexus 5 is so much awaited in the market. Nexus 5 is the best smartphone if you want to purchase a new Android device in a decent price. It costs Rs 27000 in India. But if you are seeking many new features and expecting that it will provide features of new world then you are wrong because Nexus 5 will not come true on your expectations.

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