Diwali Indian festival of lights

Diwali the Indian festival of lights


Diwali is an Indian festival of lights always celebrated on 15th day of  Hindu month of Kartika symbolizing the victory of righteousness and the lifting of  spiritual darkness.

This day Lakshmi pooja is done after sunset and the best time is during pradosh kal when sathir lagna prevails. on this Indian festival Diwali if Lakshmi pooja is done during pradosh kal , Lakshmi will stay in your home. This pradosh kal will last for approximately 2 hours and 24 minutes after sunset.

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Celebrate Diwali…..

Have you been wondering of what to gift your friends and family this Diwali?  Gifting sweets ,cards ,flowers is of old tradition , there is nothing unique in it. Since Diwali is a Indian festival of 5 days, starting from dhanteras to bhai dooj ,so one should gift signifying the importance of each day.

Dhanteras (special day for business community) considered as best day for buying things.  Lakshmi yantra or kuber yantra is best gift for business class and this will bring good luck to their business.

the next day is known as choti Diwali,this day lord Krishna killed demon narakasura. so gifting a  parad durga is considered as auspicious. As this specifies the purification of world with goodness.

the third day is the biggest day of his 5 day fest. this day worship of Lakshmi and Ganesha is done for prosperity ,goodness and well being.  gifting Lakshmi and Ganesha yantra is considered as good luck.

The 4th day govardhan pujan is done , this day lord Krishna uplifted govardhan parvat on his finger. So gifting a tulsi mala is considered as good luck and brings wealth in the family.

The last 5th day is celebrated as bhai dooj  .The day when brother and sister show their love and affection towards each other.Gifting a tulsi mala proved to be lucky this day .

This Diwali make the festival special for you ,your family and the closest persons to your heart by gifting them the things that will bring good luck and prosperity to their families.

It is also believed that cleaning your house on Diwali will bring positive energy . So clean the home by throwing all useless things outside . Diwali is all about decorations and lightening . Mango leaves , rose flowers and marigold flowers also brings good luck . It should also be taken care that statues of lord Lakshmi and lord Ganesha is on such side that the face of worshiper is towards North East direction .

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