BMW disclose electric car i3 |BMW price in India

BMW discloses Electric Car i3

BMW discloses Electric car i3 Germany luxury car maker launches BMW Electric car i3 in three continents Asia , Europe &

The company also had eyes on Indian Market . Company said that it has a huge potential in India.

This BMW Electric car i3 will go on sale in London in the end of this year & in Newyork & Beijing at the starting of 2014.

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BMW Electric car i3 will priced at 35,000 Euros in Europe & 41,350 USD in US.But no decision is made for Chinese market.

This four-seater BMW Electric car i3 electric car has zero emission & it has a range of 130-300 Km and is designed for city use only.The company had found a high potential in India but said that they have to maintain the infrastructure for these types of electric cars.

BMW Electric car i3 car is made of carbon fibre & reinforced plastics to make it as light as possible.This is the first time this company has used carbon fibre in mass production.Company said “use of carbon fibre makes 50% lighter than steel”.

BMW Electric car i3 weighs about 1,200 Kg while battery is 230 Kg  heavy.About 80% of the parts can be recycled. Best advantage of BMW Electric car i3 is that it can be charged at home from plug sockets or from BMWi wall box in about 6 hours. Not only at home but can be charged at public stations.

BMW Electric car i3 also have the feature of range extender in which it uses two-cylinder petrol engine with 9 liters fuel tank to maintain the charge of lithium-ion battery & hence increasing the range up to 300 kilometers in day-to-day driving.

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