Black Hole | Know about Universe

What is Black Hole ?    

black hole

Black Hole Know about Universe A Black Hole is something which is empty but it consists of a huge matter packed in a very small area resulting in very high gravity which attracts everything, even light can’t escape. There are many possibilities of forming a Black Hole i.e by collision of heavy asteroids or by collapsing of a star.  Early scientist John Mitchell firstly proposed the idea of “dark stars” , laterally these Holes were the prediction of famous Einstein  theory of relativity.and in 20th century it was named Black Hole. There  are mainly 3 types of Black Holes–>>1. Stellar   2. Super massive  3. Miniature

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How Black Hole is Created ?

black hole

Einstein Theory of relativity shows that when a massive star dies it left behind a small dense remnant core , if this core mass is three times the mass of the sun then the equation shows that the force of gravity become more powerful than any other force and hence nobody even light can escape through it. Black Hole increases by absorbing neighboring matter.

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Scientist can’t observe the  Hole directly with telescope  . They observe this Hole by radiation emitted.  We can detect them by noticing the effect on neighboring matter .If the star passes through the Black Hole it tears the star ant attract towards it , due to this attraction the matter heats up and hence X-rays are emitted in space .

One Star End Is The Black Hole Beginning.

Astronomer says that there is a massive Black Hole near the center of Milky Way.There are many other secrets hidden in our universe hence this universe is difficult to understand .

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