Android top File Managers apps|Top 5 Apps

Top File Managers for Android


Android top File Managers apps|Top 5 Apps  Android is the most used smartphone OS platform in the world. Every third smartphone user is an Android user. There are now more than 500 million Android users in the world. So, Android market is the fastest emerging market in context of smartphone Operating Systems. This is just because of acceptability of Android platforms in a wide range. Android being the most versatile OS ever is challenging Apple’s iOS platform by the time.

Google Play Store contains most number of apps in it. Even greater than Apple App store. This is because anyone can upload an Android app in Google Play Store by simply signing up to the Gmail account.

Because of large availability of Android app for different purposes, it is hard to decide that which app is better for specific purpose. Though Google provide ratings and reviews by the customer in Google Play Store but sometimes those reviews confuses rather than sorting out the problem.

Top 5 File Manager Apps

File Manager App manages the entire file system of an Android device whether it is a phone or a tablet. The best thing about Android is that it allows user to access the whole system without the need of rooting the device. A good File Manager application should support some basic features of copy, move, rename, share etc. There should also have a search file option. App must be updated time to time. There is a bulk of File Managers in the Google Play Store, so it is very hard to choose the best one. So we have come up with the top File managers of the Google Play Store.

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  1. Google Quick Office : This app is an office suite that is used for office purposes like creating some specific type of file formats and reading them. But it can also act like a file manager. There are all the basic operations in the app and it searches for files present in Internal memory as well as those present in Google Drive.
  2. File Wrangler  : This app also performs all the basic features and along with this it has a marvelous UI and a dual pane interface which makes easy for the user to move or copy the file. You can search your files and also can bookmark them for later and quick use.
  3. Total Commander : This File Manager is considered the best among all the File managers in the Google Store because of its extra ordinary ratings of 4.9 . The interface is normal like other apps but it still outperforms other apps in some aspects. User can zip the files and can make them password protected. This is the reason behind being the most successful File Manager.
  4.  Astro File Manager :  This app is also a combination of two file managers. You can search for files present in internal memory as well as present in cloud. By this File manager you can browse Google Drive, Sky Drive, Box and other cloud apps also. Astro File Manager supports and sometimes causes trouble while using it.
  5.  File Expert : This app has a commendable User Interface. User can easily move or copy files. There is also a feature to get back permanently deleted files and hiding files. It contains tabbed interface which helps user to open other folder when one is already open. This app sometimes lack due to presence of ads.

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